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Samkoo Inc is an inclusive outsourcing company that started from manufacturing cleaning products in 1968, and has been in charge of manufacturing subcontract and comprehensive building management for over 50 years. In addition to security, cleaning, facility, and parking management, we are conducting outsourcing services in a wide variety of areas including production and welfare. Now, 30,000 employees are working in over 1,500 business sites across the country under the name of Samkoo, but it started 50 years ago when I making cleaning supplies on the side of the kitchen of my house, and cleaning up someone’s house instead of the owners with 2 staff, and I've come to what we are now.

At the time, no one thought of cleaning as a job. However, starting with a broomstick and a few mops brought itself into a profession position with expertise. With over 80 percent of our customers contracted for more than 10 years, some are over 30 years of long-term partnerships. Being committed every day, years have become a half-century.

Through a continuous customer satisfactory system, we will always be a steppingstone in order to keep faith and trust in our customer.


    Samkoo Inc’s Strength

  • 01Strong financial structure and corporate credit rating of A+ (currently AA0) for 14 consecutive years.
  • 02Having an optimized knowledge-information operation system (e-SEP HR Platform System)
  • 03Holding specialized technical personnel in each field and conducting professional and systematic education
  • 04Establishment of safety / health / environment standards and operation inspection of all sites operated by SHE (Safety Headquarter Committee)
  • 05first to acquire IS9001, ISO14001 certification
  • 06Conducting various legal consultings through legal experts (lawyers, labor attorneys, etc)

Corporate InformationLuxury Outsourcing Services Based on 50 Years of Know-how
We will provide you with sincere trust and emotion.

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    Establishment founded


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  • 임직원수

    Number of employees


Growth of Samkoo

Samkoo Inc has been assessed as a corporate credit rating of AA- since 2005.
We want to help our customers become more trustworthy and trustworthy.

  • Sales growth (one million won)
  • Personnel growth (People)

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  • Company name
  • Samkoo Inc Co., Ltd.
  • CEO
  • Koo jakwan, Dong ilbum [representative in each]
  • Headquarter’s address
  • The 6th floor of the Signature Tower in Cheonggyecheon-ro 100, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Representative telephone call
  • 02) 828-3939, 1588-2239
  • Credit rating
  • AA
  • Representative fax
  • 02) 814-8839, 02) 817-5589 (operating fax)

Quality certification

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Samkoo Inc Co., Ltd. Cheonggyecheon-ro 100 Signature Tower, Dongguan 6th Floor, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea Main Telephone: 1588-2239, 02-828-3939