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Comprehensive management of building facilities

Samkoo started in 1968 as the manufacturer of cleaning supplies.
This company has been in charge of building comprehensive management for more than 50 years.

We are committed to providing a higher level of service by making full use of our accumulated expertise.

Samkoo’s competitiveness

Safe and systematic management throughout increased sense of belonging through corporate culture, stable financial structure, and technical specialization management in each field.

Main business

  • 시설관리

    Facility management electricityfacility/building/fire control

    Service that maintains and manages experts in each field. This extends the life of a building while also reducing costs and providing a pleasant and comfortable environment through energy saving.

  • 시설관리

    Security / special security

    Comprehensive safety services, including theft or crime.

  • 시설관리

    Cleaning / landscaping

    Service that helps you create a pleasant environment and enjoy a healthy life style with the modern equipment.

  • 시설관리

    Help desk / informaton / parking management

    Services that enhance the image of your building through information, guides, helper work, and minimizing inconvenience towards customers while managing efficient operations through structured management services.

Main management facility

  • 01Office / Business facilities

    People who manage landmark facilities in South Korea based on the best technology. We are increasing the value of our buildings and maximizing our energy savings.

  • 02Shopping / Sales / Transportation Facility

    Our team is armed with the best training and service spirit, aiming to provide customers with a satisfying experience.

  • 03Hotel / Resort

    People who manage landmark facilities in South Korea based on the best technology. Increasing the value of our buildings and maximize our energy savings!.

  • 04Production Logistics Facility

    We provide the best technology for those who manage landmark facilities in South Korea. Professional management increases both productivity and creates a 100% safe site.

  • 05Training / R & D Facilities

    For those who aspire a clean educational environment with the best research facilities, we will help achieve those goals and manage them so users can grasp a more welcoming experience.

  • 06Culture / Sports Facilities

    We provide the best technology for those who manage landmark facilities in South Korea and strive towards bestowing the best service that all customers will appreciate.

  • 07Medical / Nursing Facilities

    We provide the best technology for those who manage landmark facilities in South Korea. We will complete our tasks with the mentality that cleanliness is directly related to the well-being of patients.

Production and manufacturing subcontract

Samkoo targets leading global manufacturers for displays, batteries, and semiconductors. We are supplying services to the process.

Including China, we operate our businesses globally which accumulated great experience and competence. Through professional management, we are increasing productivity and safety to solidify our position as a professional company.

Providing the best service through the best technology.

· PROCESS50 years of operation experience.

· TECHNICALModernization of equipment.

· PEOPLEExpert personnel by field.

· SYSTEMIntegrated management operating system.

Semiconductor process management

반도체 공정관리

Major business

1. MT (Module Test, AT) : The task of testing whether the Memory Module (RD,UD,SD) functions properly.

2. MT (Module Test, VM) : Appearance inspection during Memory Module inspection. Final steps include AVI equipment and visual inspection.

3. PM (Preventive Maintenance) : Disassemble equipment to process wafers required for semiconductor production. Re-assemble and maintain equipment after cleaning and replacing consumable supplies.

4. Process Logistics and Production Support : Logistics transport, inter-factory (FAB) logistics support, and production support activities.(catalyst filling and semi-conductor processing)

5. Facility Management : General operation management of facilities, including electricity, facilities, air conditioning, steam supply, underground water reservoir, and sewage network.

6. Waste Disposal : Separation of general/designated waste collection from factories.

7. Safety Inspection : Safety inspection on the lower layers of production lines.(unreasonable extraction, etc.)

8. FOSB Logistics : FOSB (Wafer Carrying Container) Collection, Cleaning, Classification, and Shipment of Each Manufacturer

9. SCR' Operation Management : Primary Scrubber Operation Management in the Plenum

10. FAB Support : In-plant (FAB) dustproof clothing, dustproofing cleanliness, and maintenance.

11. QRT Test : Module Reliability Analysis (Physical Inspection, etc.)

Battery manufactering process management.

배터리 공정관리

Major task

Electrode : The work of MIXING the anode and cathode to coat the aluminium and copper respectively.

Assembly : Pouch packing and electrolyte working after depositing the separation film with each electrode.

Aging : The task of securing the characteristics of a battery through filling, discharging, and heating.

PACK : PACK assembly work in combination with each shell.

Display process logistics

디스플레이 공정 몰류

Major business

1. Logistics, including input / transport / shipment / shipment of materials. Products related to product development, QA (Quality Assurance) work, and packaging includes indoor packaging, outdoor packaging, disposal, cleaning of products, etc.

2. Module Production Logistics : supply of boxes and paper for external packaging, rework of rejected products, input of materials and equipment required for production of CR (Clean Room), room temperature aging, appearance examination, etc.

3. Panel production logistics : logistics support in the panel production process, including the injection of glass ledgers, integrated warehouse management, and external raw materials logistics.

4. Quality Assurance of Panels : Appearance inspection of panels and repair of defective panel repairs.

Material Business Department

  • LIBS (Litium-ion Battery Separator)

    - Detachment membrane fabric manufacturing OP
    - Isolation membrane coating process OP
    - QC, QA work
    - Slitting work
    - Automated warehouse operation
    - Packaging / materialization work
    - Packaging / materialization work
    - Safety / environment / health management

  • FCCL(Flexible Copper Clad Laminate)

    - FCCL Manufacturing Process Operation
    - Process quality, shipping quality, and quality assurance
    - FCCL Slitting
    - Automated warehouse operation
    - Packaging/materialization work

  • Flexible Cover Window (FCW)

    - FCW Manufacturing Process Operation
    - Process quality, shipping quality, and quality assurance
    - FCW Slitting
    - Warehouse management work
    - Packaging / logistics work


Parking management

Many consider the safety of their customers and vehicles as top priority, aiming to create an environment with clean and convenient parking lots.

We create safer parking lots by implementing parking lot entries, exit systems, CCTV systems, and breakage search systems. In regards to the cost of equipment, we apply parking transaction projects in order to create profit by adding fees for parking.

  • 차량관리

    Regular vehicle and general vehicle management

  • 할인권관리

    Discounting voucher management

  • 정산시스템운영

    Operating the settlement system (manned and non-person)

  • 주차유도

    Parking induction

  • 행사관리

    Event management

  • 주차관제시스템구축

    Establishment of Parking Control System

  • 주차매출관리

    Parking sales management

Promotion management

We grow together with our customers while providing them the best value.

The company merchandises the kindest professional services that can lead the success and brand value of its customers. Our businesses customer service team strengthened their senses with passion for business success and crafting ideas and strategies.

  • Merchandising

    All activities until the consumer purchases the items that arrive at the store through activities such as displaying, promotion, use of promotional supplies, POP attachment, and customer reception.

  • Market Resource

    Processing and analyzing product information, consumer information, account information, and competitive information generated by the store to provide guidance for marketing and sales departments.

  • Event / circulation promotions

    Promotional event consignment operation

    Consignment operation of promotion events for huge discount stores, department stores, SSM, and retailers.

    Operation of Nationwide Direct Organization.

  • Circulation promotions

    Promotional management for local midium-sized marts.

    Improving display, expanding pacing, etc.

  • Display management of store

    Display management for huge discount stores, department stores, SSM, and retailers.

    keeping display and expanding pacing.

  • Advertising / seasonal event

    Advertising staff

    Employing advertising staff around marts nationwide.

  • Opening special events

    Short-term season promotion operating Valentine / White Day Chupa Chups.

  • Distribution processing

    Distribution packaging processing industry

    Manufacturing Plant / Packaging and Processing products in a Logistics Center

Silver welfare service

People who think about the future will join us in 'Samkoo Silver Welfare Service'

A trained nursing care worker visits an elder’s home for assistance and protection, providing different services and systematic management with Samkoo’s only-owned Silver Welfare Service.

What is ‘Samkoo Narae welfare service’?

This service aims to improve the quality of life while preventing senile diseases from worsening by providing services to those aged 65 and older. Mental and physical assistance will be provided to the elderly who are uncomfortable with their circumstances and want assistance while living independently.

  • The purpose of the Samkoo welfare service business
    Many senior-citizens may have trouble with daily life chores or activities due to unfortunate circumstances such as physical stress from old age or geriatric diseases. The purpose of this service is to provide long-term care benefits and improve the quality of life by assisting the elderly in various tasks.
  • Target of Samkoo Narae Welfare Service
    Those aged 65 and older and/or those with senile diseases under 65 years of age may qualify for this service. Senior citizens who are under 65 with senile diseases and wanting assistance will be evaluated by a Rating Board. This Rating Board categorizes their level of discomfort from 1 to 5 in regards to their circumstance.
  • Types of services in Samkoo Narae Welfare Service
    1) Visiting Care Service - Caregiver visits the recipient’s home to assist in physical and household activities.
    2) Bath Service - Caregiver visits the recipient’s home with the proper equipment necessary to help assist in bathing.
    3) Nursing Service - Caregiver visits the recipient’s home in accordance to the medical instructions provided by the appropriate doctor in order to medically assist the recipient.
    4) Welfare Equipment Service – Purchasing and rental services of necessary equipment in regards to supporting physical and daily life activities.
  • Contents of the main services of Samkoo Narae Welfare Service (Visiting Care)
    1) Physical Activity Services : ① face washing and hair washing, ② ORAL CARE, ③ bath assistance, ④ meal assistance ⑤ changing clothes, ⑥ toilet use, ⑦ maintenance and enhancment of physical functions
    2) Housework and daily supporting services : ① accompanying, ② daily activities, ③ meal preparation, ④ cleaning and arrangement, ⑤ laundry
    3) Emotional Support Services : Someone to talk to, encouragement, comfort, counseling, etc.
    4) Cognitive Activity Services : Engage in cognitive activities, having a companion in everyday life

What is the geriatric long-term care insurance?


Society provides long-term care for elders which will benefit all generations (middle-aged people and children) who were taking care of elders with senile diseases such as dementia stroke, etc. Elders will spend their time more gracefully and healthily by receiving premediated and professional medical care services. With the geriatric long-term care insurance, the middle-aged who were taking care of elder will be able to focus on their economic and social activities.


[ Applicant for long-term medical care ] A person aged 65 or older, or less with senile diseases as prescribed by the Presidential Decree, such as dementia and cerebrovascular diseases
[ A beneficiary ] A person who is found to be difficult to carry out daily life on his or her own for more than six months and who has been judged by the Long-Term Care Rating Board to be 1-5
[ Decision of Long Term Care Rating ] The status of each medical care grade is divided into four stages : super severe, severe, serious and light-serious sickness

Long-Term Care Insurance Site

Integrated logistics management

We fulfill our responsibilities by the motto of SPEED, ACCURACY, AND SAFETY

To focus better on core business area, the third party executes the business’ distribution by consigning it to producers and sellers, or between customer to customer is becoming more common.
By consigning subordinate tasks, the company reduces cost and improves the core competencies and competitiveness. This helps the company become stronger by focusing on major tasks.

Major business

  • 공급망관리

    Supply network management

  • 배송기사 및 물류배송업무

    Delivery man and logistics delivery service

  • 물품 상,하차

    Loading goods

  • 열차물류

    Train logistics

  • 생산업무도급

    Manufacturing subcontract

  • 주문접수

    Taking orders

  • 상품포장 및 조립관리

    Product packaging and assembly management

  • 유통관리(판매 및 재고)

    Distribution management (sales and inventory)

  • 재고관리

    Inventory control

  • 물류센터

    Logistics Center

  • 면세점

    Duty Free Shop

F & B business management

Samkoo is leading the dietary culture in the catering field and providing systematic service.

By connecting our overall operation system such as comprehensive system control, hygiene control technique, logistics system, and food materials management and processing, we provide not only taste of food but also systematic and sanitary management with friendly and sincere services.

Main business

  • 공급망관리

    Supply chain management

  • 메뉴관리

    Menu management

  • 인력관리

    Human resources management

  • 위생관리

    Hygiene management

  • 식자재관리

    Food material management

  • 고객서비스

    Customer service

  • Catering serviceView more자세히보기

    Catering serviceNatural food system made with faith and faith


    Catering service

    We make food for employees through selecting good ingredients and hygienic cooking. Based on our decades-long history of leading the food industry, we provide the best dining experience such as Japanese food, Korean food, and Western food in various areas such as businesses, department stores, universities, and government offices.


    Business area

    · Management of food materials (ordering, inspection, inventory management)
    · Menu development
    · Sanitary and industrial safety management
    · Human resources management (nutritionist, cook, etc.)

  • In-flight meal View more자세히보기

    In-flight meal Natural food system made with faith and faith


    In-flight meal

    a business that develops and manufactures food that meets the various tastes and travel times of aircraft passengers to provide quality service with passengers.


    Providing the World class In-flight Service

    · Acquiring food safety management certificate (HACCP)
    · Regular inspection of foreign airlines regarding in-flight meals
    · Conducting regular Meal Tasting according to customer's preference
    · Providing safe in-flight meals with passengers thorough security management
    · Supporting on-time, quantitative, and regular operation to provide desired in-flight meals
    · Providing various in-flight menus
    · DAILY quality management (personal hygiene, food materials, expiration date, etc.)

  • Restaurant businessView more자세히보기

    Restaurant businessNatural food system made with faith and faith


    Restaurant business

    The company carries out directly and consigns various types of food eating activities such as confectionary bread, fishery products, snack foods, Korean food, and Japanese food. Based on our experience in operation of chain stores and franchises that require the same taste and quality, we are moving toward leading food restaurant business by identifying restaurant trends and customers' needs.


    Business area

    · Distribution of food materials
    · Management of logistics warehouse
    · Menu development
    · Human resources management (guide, cashier, serving, cooking cold & hot part, operation of reserved call center, etc.)
    · Hygiene management
    · Sales management

  • 닫기

Applying the HACCP (Market Control Criteria) for
food safety elements to realize the "0%" occurrence of sanitary accidents

Follow the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) hygiene system and starting with the raw materials of the product,
identify and focus on risk factors that may occur at each stage before ingestion through manufacturing, processing,
preservation, distribution, and cooking steps to ensure the stability of food through systematic
and efficient management to realize the "0%" occurrence of sanitary accidents.

  • HA hazard analysis

    Analysis of biological, chemical and physical hazards, such as pathogenic microorganisms, that may occur in raw materials and processes

  • CCP main managerial point

    Focusing on processes or steps that can prevent, remove, or reduce hazards to acceptable levels

Golf course management

We provide professional golf course operation services.

TCountry clubs are currently dispersed into various businesses. From managing these topical parts of the management, we also combine overall golf course operations by providing professional services.

  • CC 운영

    CC Management

  • 골프장 시설관리

    Golf course facility management (security / cleaning / course etc)

  • 마케팅 홍보

    Marketing promotion

  • 클럽하우스 관리

    Club house management(back-helper, locker, powder, sauna)

  • 행사관리

    F&B consignment management(Food & Beverage management)

Supply of air-conditioning filters /
Comprehensive washing of cooling and heating system


Samkoo Inc Co., Ltd. started a "Green S (Green's)" business in 2011 that specializes in improving indoor air quality. We produce all FILTER equipment and provide One-Stop Service which consists of install/dispose filters varying by customer’s request. Air conditioning filters have strict international quality standards, but they tend to be purchased and managed as simple consumables in recent days. Therefore, Green S is committed to comply international quality standards of facilities and supply products. Green S aspires to satisfy both consumer’s need and various conditions through environmental analysis of various customers.

    Differentiation Core Proposal

  • Production system

    Specialized production facilities and production by quality control system


    Provision of product reliability

    Ordered production based on clear production criteria (efficiency / material)


    Provision of accurate performance

  • Quality standard

    Compliance with strict global standards:


    retaining certified self-inspection equipment such as wind volumm, win pressure, PAQ (Rarely in Korea) volume/pneumatic/PAQ (precious few in Korea)

    Suggestion of quality standards through customer NEEDS amd environmental analysis (beach neighborhood / fine dust / yellow sand etc.)


    :Special manufacturing

  • Supplying unit price

    Joint production of volume units


    Provision of merit for unit price

    Various production lines such as PRE / MED / HEPA / Industrial filters


    Minimizing distribution

Typical air conditioning equipment system and filter types

  • Pre filter heavy performance filter

    Filter that filters out large dust
    Efficiency : Weight method (AFI) – mainly using AF80%

  • Medium filter heavy / high performance filter

    Used for ‘after pre-filter’ or ‘prior to final filter’
    Efficiency : NBS - 60%, 80% to 85%, 90%, 95% (higher, more efficient)

  • HEPA Filter

    Fine dust (0.3 μm or higher)
    Efficiency : 99.97% of DDP (Installation on duct line / air conditioning equipment / air chamber etc.

  • ULPA Filter

    Fine dust (0.1 μm or higher)
    Efficiency : 99.9995% or 99.99995% (currently highest efficiency)

    Status of specialized facility

  • 전문설비

    Cell Pleat MC

  • 전문설비

    Mini Cell Pleat MC

  • 전문설비

    PAO Tester(equipped-type PAO tester)

  • 전문설비

    Handy PAO Tester(portable PAO tester)

  • 전문설비

    Wind volume / Wind pressure tester (global quality standards assurance)

Importance of cleaning

Air-conditioning systems may become contaminated at the direct moment of usage after installation. This is due to the principle of air-conditioning, which sucks in air from the interior and cools it down momentarily before releasing. At the stage, pollutants, including fine dusts in the air, enters the interior through the air-conditioning filter. Internal air then passes through the cooling plate, which cools instantly, creating moisture from the indoor air temperature difference. The air then mixes with various contaminants to turn into a low-temperature mold bacterium, creating a repugnant scent.

    BACTERIA FROM AIR CONDITIONER E. coli / tick / fungus / salmonella / liver staphylococcus / cladosporium / legorella

  • 세균
  • 세균
  • 세균
  • 세균
  • 세균
  • 세균
  • 세균
  • 세균
  • Contamination of educational facilities
  • Management of air conditioners is vital as bacterial contamination of educational facilities in Korea is up to 98% of the standard value.
  • Air pollution in a hospital and office environment
  • People in buildings may be exposed to harmful bacteria in air conditioners caused by the pollution of cooling water and air.
  • Air pollution in Residential Environment
  • According to a survey conducted by the Korea Consumer Protection Board, most homes do not clean air conditioning filters regularly and do not ventilate air conditioners when they are running.

    Survey on Air Conditioning Germs of the Consumer Protection Board
    survey institute : Consumer Protection Board
    survey subject : 49 households in Seoul
    survey materials : Opportunity infection group (microbes that cause diseases such as lung disease, prenatal and extracurricular infections)
    survey result : Detection of opportunity infection bacteria in 38.8% (19) of household air conditioners
  • Dust or germs inside of an air conditioner reduce the efficiency of air conditioning.
  • The core aspect of an air conditioner lies in the cooling plate. Air conditioner cooling plates absorb air and are consequently clogged with dust and dirt over time. This reduces not only the cooling effect, but also causes the air coming out to be loose and weaker.
    The air conditioner has a sensor that automatically detects room temperature while stopping cooling effects when the desired temperature set is met. When the air conditioner is stopped, it saves electrical charge by not turning the compressor of the outdoor air.
  • Unmanaged air conditioners may shorten lifespan
  • If the air conditioner fails to remove contaminants, all parts may begin to corrode. Undried moisture and contaminants in the cooling plate will be responsible for any failures in air conditioners
    Most foreign countries use air conditioners for more than 10 years. However, South Korea replaces all air conditioners before 10 years of usage. This is because we have acknowledged that air conditioner cleaning is vital for the basis of air-conditioning management.

Overseas direct purchase delivery agent

Gobaesong began on October 1, 2015,
A shipping company that started as a direct U.S. overseas delivery agency

In the meantime, based on our own development system and experience accumulated through various delivery activities, we operate the most reliable delivery agency service for our customers and partners in Korea and our own logistics center.

Gobaesong’s competitiveness

Huge New Jersey Logistics Center, Delaware Logistics Center Operation / Direct U.S. Localization Operation / Development of our own system / Rapid Response / Systematic Logistics Management / Support for a variety of logistics services


By gaining flexibility in employment and increasing work efficiency, the company quickly responds to rapid changes in the business environment, contributing to the company's competitiveness.

Samkoo maintains highly trained personnel in each area of expertise and special areas in order to meet the needs of customers. They are committed to their work as the best expertise in client’s service field.

  • 사무지원

    Office outstaffing

  • 음식조리


  • 운전원


  • 고객관리

    Customer management

  • 배달원

    Delivery person

  • 주유원

    Gas station staff

  • 컴퓨터전문가

    Computer expert

  • This refers to the type of employment in which a dispatched business owner may maintain the relationship with an employee after hire. The worker is still able to provide service for the business owner under the directions of the employer’s place of business in accordance with the terms of the contract to dispatch workers. The labor dispatch system is a human resource management system for securing flexibility in the labor market and increase opportunities for workers to choose their jobs. The dispatched work period is based on one year and can be extended another year upon agreement between dispatched the dispatched business owner, used business owner, and dispatched worker.


Samkoo Inc Co., Ltd. Cheonggyecheon-ro 100 Signature Tower, Dongguan 6th Floor, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea Main Telephone: 1588-2239, 02-828-3939