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The sign for "Samkoo Inc" is called "Samkoo Inc Co., Ltd",, And is referred to as SAMKOO Inc. in English.
In the abbreviation of "Inclusive Outsourcing," “Inc” stands for “Total Outsourcing” and symbolizes Korea’s leading outsourcing company.
The symbol mark of Samkoo portrays a dandelion in which the company's concept of customer service is used repeatedly
by a person's '人', '人' of trust in order to blend in with the company and customers to create happiness.

  • Symbol


    The dandelion’s color of Samkoo represents the abundance of happiness that customers can enjoy with Green, which delivers reliability and expertise. Dandelion, the symbol of Samkoo, will be widely spread like dandelion seeds, with strong will and vision. Like a dandelion blooming despite the difficult environment, they will lead the outsourcing sector in the 21st century.

    9 virtues of dandelion 더보기

    First virtue it is dandelion that survives the harsh environment

    Second virtue When a seed flies down, it is crushed by the wheel of a bull or horse. It has a formidable vitality in itself to survive in that environment.

    Third virtue after five to six days of digging and exposing the roots to the sun, the plant sprouts itself. So it is a dandelion that provides a lesson to the life of inflection. Also, there are several flowers at the same time, but there are no flowers at the same time, and when one loses, it is time to know the turn of Jang-Yu-Yu-seo, who waits for the turn to bloom.

    Fourth virtue when a flower petal is closed in the dark and it is raining, or when the cloud thickens, the petals are closed, and it is better to know the heavenly spirit of the light and dark to understand the good and evil.

    Fifth virtue the amount of honey is high and the density is strong, and there is a lot of affection for bees to come from the distance.

    Sixth virtue the flowers bloom in the dawn of the day first of others, and the roots grow. Probably that is why in Europe, the dandelion is nicknamed as the farmer's watch.

    Seventh virtue each seed flew far away in the wind without relying on its own resources and became a self-made family, and its adventurous spirit is virtue in itself.

    Eighth virtue the white juice blackens the hair and cleans the abscess and lowers the fever of staining.

    Nineth virtue leaves are eaten as raw vegetables, and they are made of salad in the West, and the juice is added to coffee, wine, beer, and tea.

  • Symbol

    Primary Logo

    The logo of Samkoo is the most critical design element that forms the basis of CI representing Samkoo. The united image is maintained in compliance with the colors and positions illustrated in this paragraph.

    PANTONE 425 C

Color Guide

Since the color of Samkoo is used in various media to play an important role in delivering images, it should be maintained and managed with accurate color, brightness, and chroma.
Regarding colors, spot color printing is used as a rule, but they can be printed in four primary colors. This is to avoid certain circumstances and comply with the printing color regulations by a percentage of four primary colors. In addition, the color system of Samkoo has adequate flexibility depending on the applied items to enhance communication efficiency. Therefore, secondary colors will be used the main color and can be used in sign systems, various nameplates, publications, news reports, brochures, advertisements, and interiors.

    Main Color

  • SK Green

    PANTONE 368 C
    C60 M0 Y100 K0

  • SK Dark Gray

    PANTONE 425 C
    C0 M0 Y0 K80

    Sub Color

  • SK Light Green

    PANTONE 376 C
    C50 M0 Y100 K0

  • SK Gold

    PANTONE 872 C
    C20 M30 Y70 K15

  • SK Silver

    PANTONE Coll gray 6 C
    C0 M0 Y0 K30


Samkoo Inc Co., Ltd. Cheonggyecheon-ro 100 Signature Tower, Dongguan 6th Floor, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea Main Telephone: 1588-2239, 02-828-3939