Samkoo, where expectations are metSAMKOO CULTURE


Imbued with the culture of Samkoo

All of the members of Samkoo wants to share their minds and thoughts to create greater value.
We are aiming for human-oriented corporate culture and thinking about human.
We respect each other, dream of a happy member, a happy company, and create a corporate culture that enhances social value through co-prosperity.

  • People

    We at Samkoo think of people as our top priority

  • Trust

    We at Samkoo have a sense of consideration and respect, like a family sharing a meal together

  • Credibility

    We at Samkoo walk as one with the same mind.

When you meet Samkoo, you become a Samkoo person, A happy enterprise

A happy society

Samkoo Inc. seeks an ideal society,
dreaming of a happy society wanted by all.

Happy customers

Samkoo Inc.
delivers happiness in order to relieve the pain of customers.

A happy member

Share happiness
with the Samkoo family


Samkoo Inc Co., Ltd. Cheonggyecheon-ro 100 Signature Tower, Dongguan 6th Floor, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea Main Telephone: 1588-2239, 02-828-3939